Welcome to the online home of Crafty Cuts Vinyl Record Art.

ur mission: We take old unwanted vinyl records, once destined for trash bins or lonely lives on dusty thrift store shelves, and give them new life as unique and vibrant pieces of pop art!

We have an extensive catalog of designs to choose from. Our distinct vinyl record art creations make perfect gifts for one simple reason: if we don't have it we'll make it for you! We literally offer something for everyone. Your imagination is the only limitation!

Does your weird Uncle Larry have a strange fascination with badminton? Well, we don't have that in stock, but, if Uncle Larry needs some badminton record art for Christmas, Crafty Cuts has got you covered.

You can literally get something for every single person on your Christmas list right here... no matter how strange, rare, or unique their interests may be! If you'd like to hear about how we sold our house and quit our day jobs to travel the country selling record art out the back of an RV click here!

     Happy Shopping!


All of our designs

These are just a few of our available designs Click the blue link above to see all of them. Most of our designs do not make it to our Etsy page but they are available to order.